Honors Program Application (new)

Honors Application

Honors Program Admission Criteria:

  • Incoming freshmen who have a either a 3.5 Cumulative GPA, 1160 SAT score, or a 24 Composite ACT score are encouraged to apply. 
  • Current students who are eligible for college-level Math and English courses "and"  have earned at least 6 college-level credits, but no more than 30, "and" have a 3.5 overall GPA for all completed college-level coursework. 
  • Provisional Admission—students who are close to meeting the criteria, and have records of significant and meaningful extracurricular academic achievement, outstanding community service, or exemplary leadership positions will be considered.
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Incoming freshmen must have applied to GRCC prior to applying to the GRCC Honors Program.
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